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We help you understand permeants, package materials, final parts, filled packages, and more

Kitchen Shelf


We offer a nondestructive quantitative partial-least-squares regression technique applicable to semi-crystalline polymers, as sheet, containers or formed parts.  This proprietary test method is used exclusively by The Whole Package LLC under license from Amcor Rigid Packaging, LLC.  Click here to request confidential evaluation and analysis.


We offer near-IR multilayer barrier mapping as an analytical service. Mapping can be conducted nondestructively for many containers.  Methods are deployable across fleets of test equipment.  The near-IR signature of a polymer can be used for identification and frequently for quantitation.  Layers, blends and constituent interactions can be studied.  The image here is a nylon wt% map from NIR transmission in a multilayer PET container.  Click here if you would like a confidential feasibility evaluation for your material system.

Nylon wt% map of bottle
Pressure-dependent CO2 absorbance band in PET container


We can develop and implement rapid quant methods using near-IR for direct permeant (CO2, H2O, SF6...) measurement in plastic containers; for IR-inactive permeants it is often feasible to create quant methods via PLS for rapid prediction of permeation rates.  Absolute/gauge/partial pressure quantitation is feasible via PLS/regression in presence of significant polymer wall.  This example shows overlay of spectra comprising 4.3 to 68.9 psig CO2 (where triple doublets at ~5000 cm-1 are exploitable) in a PET container (where the overtone/combination bands are invariant with pressure).  Methods are deployable across fleets of test equipment.  Click here for a confidential evaluation for method development.

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